Dill House, Circa 1827, Fort Gaines

Built by General John Dill, an aide to General Edmund Pendleton. General Dill’s wife was the widow Elizabeth Stewart, one of three survivors of the massacre that led to the Seminole Wars of 1817-18.


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8 responses to “Dill House, Circa 1827, Fort Gaines

  1. johnny dill

    General John Dill was my great great uncle. I’ve been through the house and it is very intresting. The whole story is great, somebody needs to make a movie.

  2. Kim S

    I have stayed at this house. I saw some fascinating and unexplainable stuff happen! Most definitely haunted!!

  3. Sherline Hudson

    Can people tour the house ??? It would be awesome.

  4. James Owens

    This house is awesome. I have stayed in this house on numerous ocassions. My Aunt owns this house now. 5 have had connections from the other side. I have had the privelge of seeing Elizabeth and John.

  5. Amanda Sellers

    I spoke to the owner, and she said the house was haunted!! She gave me a tour, and it’s stunning! The wainscotting in the dining room was hand
    carved on site in 1820. Ghosts or no ghosts, loved it.

  6. neatnik2009

    I wrote my M.A. thesis on Clay County, and have walked past all these places in Fort Gaines.

  7. I need an excuse to visit Ft. Gaines. Thanks for the pictures.

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