St. James Pennington Church, Andersonville

Built in 1927 by Brother James Bolan Lawrence

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6 responses to “St. James Pennington Church, Andersonville

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  2. William "Bill" Parsons

    I have a charcoal sketch by my sister done in 1951 that shows a porch. I remember there was a porch, but maybe not as large as the one on it now.
    You are right there is a stone marker where it once stood. That is where Brother James Bolan Lawrence is buried (born 1878 died 1947) also at the site where the stone marker is are the remains of the house that Brother Lawrence was building as his retirement home.

  3. This church was originally off highway 195 south of Andersonville, I remember going there in the early 60′s, It used to be just a square building without the porch design. They changed it when it was moved to Andersonville back in the late 70′s, when Andersonville was being rebuilt as a tourist trap. There is a stone marker at the original location, I saw it there in 2011.

  4. William E. Parsons

    I served under Dr. Lawrence as an acolyte from this church, also at Calvary Episcopal Church in Americus..There is more information that I can give you..Please contact by e-mail
    William “Bill” Parsons

  5. lisajan

    My mom attended a funeral at this church when she was young, and it was in the woods somewhere. The Pennington’s are in our family line, not sure of the connection.

    (By the way, my mom just told me over the phone that you should publish a book. =) )

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