Farmhouse with ’57 Chevrolet, Brooks County

Pink 1957 Chevrolet Chevy Bel Air Classic Iconic Car Automobile in Front of Old Farmhouse with Satellite Dish Pecan Trees Winter Americana Highway 133 Brooks County GA Picture Image Photograph © Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013


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10 responses to “Farmhouse with ’57 Chevrolet, Brooks County

  1. Zach Teal’s house and car. Pink 57′ chevy.

  2. Nick

    front looks to be a 57, but the back look to be from something else. more like the55 or a 56, seem to be a project for sure, looks to me like primer as far as the paint goes, many car of that time had a very 57 belair looking grill, are you sure that was not a Buick

  3. Really great luck to find that Chevy in front. Wonderful shot.

  4. tarobinsonsr

    Neat capture of old car, and old house. But, weren’t they both perfect together, in their heyday.

  5. Love this Brian! Where in Brooks County is this?

  6. A good restoration project for the ’57 Chevy!!!! could be a classic…….

  7. Ken

    Tin roof, porch swing, ’57 Chevy in front…and a satellite dish.

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