Stacy’s Store, Flemington

Flemington GA Liberty County Old Stacy's Store Building Now a Church Picture Image Photograph © Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

Now converted for use as a church, Stacy’s Store still bore the outward vestiges of a retail establishment when photographed by Van Jones Martin in 1978 for Virginia Fraser Evans’s Liberty County: A Pictorial History; a Coca-Cola sign was located near the top of the gable on front. The gas pump, barely visible here to the right of the door, was also present in Martin’s earlier photograph. From Virginia Fraser Evans: “The exact date of this store is unknown. It was built by William Bates Trask, originally from Massachusetts. He and Frederick Newsom Lyons operated a general store and the post office in Flemington and Riceboro under the name of Lyons and Trask. Mr. Trask and hi wife, Jane Margaret, lived in the house next door. The store and post office were later operated by Peter Fleming Martin, Sr., and Herbert Lowery Stacy, Sr.

Here’s a shot of the gas pump:


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2 responses to “Stacy’s Store, Flemington

  1. Cathleen Madsen

    Frederick Ransom Lyons was my Great-Great Grandfather and I’m starting late in life to try to discover my family’s history in Georgia. Please keep these wonderful pictures coming!

  2. I love these pictures, seen lot’s of these places in Fl and Ga. growing up. I really like stuff from the Civil War time if anyone has some to share.

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