Tobacco Barn, Ten Mile Road

Tobacco Barn with Tar Paper Siding Ben Hill County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

This is another structure I photograph often; it’s near my parents’ home in Fitzgerald and every time I go by, I wonder how much longer it will be there. This photograph dates to 2008.


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5 responses to “Tobacco Barn, Ten Mile Road

  1. Ben Dooley

    Brian, I know it is not geographically South GA but it is pretty much so in every other way. Have you ever seen the magnificent tobacco barns in the area around Quincy FL (about 25 miles south of Bainbridge)? When we first started going to the Apalachicola area in the mid 80’s there were dozens of them between Bainbridge and Hosford, FL. Now I know of only two still standing on FL 65 SW of Quincy. They are all identical large and long (60 ft +), 2 story (at least in appearance) wood sided buildings with a row of shuttered openings on both sides at the upper portion of the wall. They are the barn in your post on steroids. If you get a chance check them out.

    • I know of those barns, Ben, and there are a few left in Grady County, but not very accessible. They’re “shade tobacco” barns and are all but gone in Georgia. I’ve been trying to get permission to photograph one for some time…

      • Ben Dooley

        I do hope you can get a photographic record. They are quite impressive buildings and it is sad that so few people care. Everyone wants to save marble monuments or buildings where some “significant” event occurred but have little or no regard for the buildings that were so much a part of everyday life in the recent past.

  2. Terry Dowling

    When I was a kid I worked in the tobacco fields every summer to earn money. I have hung many many sticks of tobacco in barns just like this one. They are getting more rare to see as the years go by.



  3. It’s actually tar paper siding, in the diamond pattern.

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