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Boston GA Thomas County Wasdan House Folk Victorian Architecture Landmark Picture Image Photograph Copyright © Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

Wasdan House, Boston © Brian Brown 2012

Just wanted to say thanks, again, for helping Vanishing South Georgia grow, and for sharing all your interests and all your histories with us here on the website. We now have over 5,000 subscribers! The house pictured above, near Boston, is a longtime favorite of mine, and was instrumental in inspiring me to travel further in the early days of the project. I discovered it thanks to Amanda Baird  & Amy Higgins, two great Florida ladies with a love for old places in Georgia and all over the South.

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Buster Brown Shoes Sign, North Broad Street


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Mitchell House Hotel, 1886, Thomasville

While many towns and cities have lost their historic hotels, Thomasville is fortunate to retain the Mitchell House, a remnant of the 1880s tourist boom which helped make the city what it is today. A renovation was completed around 2009 which features street-level shops and restaurants, as well as luxury condominiums on the upper floors.


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Upchurch Building, 1917, Thomasville

Thanks, Tracy, for help with the identification! And it’s very likely that Joan Hawkins’ suggestion that it was later used as the Bank of Thomas County sounds plausible, as well.


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The Big Oak, Circa 1680, Thomasville

Perhaps the most famous landmark in Thomasville, the Big Oak (Live Oak Quercus virginiana) is thought to be around 330 years old. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, a frequent visitor to Thomas County’s hunting plantations and a photography buff himself, once had his driver stop at the tree while he made a picture from a neighboring front porch!


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Thomasville Vernacular

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Lapham-Patterson House, 1885, Thomasville

For a history and more views of this Thomasville icon, see:


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