Sparrow’s Nest, 1895, Ashburn


This is a long overdue correction which replaces a post from 2011. Becky Shingler Anderson clarified some confusion I had about this house when I first photographed it. She wrote: This was the home of my great-grandfather, James Simon Shingler. It is not the childhood home of Betty Shingler Talmadge. Her childhood home is across the street. Sarah M. Cook added: This is the Sparrow’s Nest. It was the Shingler’s home. They owned Shingler Heights, five blocks of residential buildings and one institutional building in Ashburn, which was constructed from 1895 to 1937…Its most elaborate structure is “Sparrow’s Nest,” built by local turpentine and agriculture entrepreneur, J.S. Shingler. Many of the homes in the historic district were built by Shingler’s relatives.

Shingler Heights Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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Queen Anne Farmhouse, Pulaski County


This beautiful house is hard to miss passing through the countryside of western Pulaski County.

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Vernacular Farmhouse, Pulaski County


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Farmhouse Ruins, Pulaski County


I believe this was the Myers house, or that Myers was the last resident.

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Gable Front Farmhouse, Telfair County



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McMillan’s Jewelers, Ocilla


Mr. Emory McMillan (along with Mrs. Eula) and his jewelry store were synonymous with style and good taste in Ocilla for much of the later half of the 20th century. He was a no-nonsense gentleman who, like the best of small-town merchants, knew his community and his customers well. Since his passing in 2012, the storefront has been repainted and another business located here. To many, it will always be remembered as McMillan’s Jewelers.

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Abandoned Farmhouse, Irwinville



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