Lax Baptist Church, Irwin County



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10 responses to “Lax Baptist Church, Irwin County

  1. P Jessup

    Thomas Wells is my gg grandfather also. I am looking for his parents info, I know his mother was Edith Duress. Still trying to figure out his father, and why his last name is Well.

  2. Loma Messersmith

    My grandfather, Thomas Wells was buried in this cemetery. Also other relatives including Aunt Elizabeth Smith. My mother and her 9 siblings attended this church when they were growing up. This was in the early 1900

  3. Many of my family are buried there. Grandparents, Elisha and Dessie Harper, Mama Carolyn Harper Kirkland, aunts and uncles. Its where my roots are and will always be home to me. Lax and Ocilla.

  4. Richard Wingate

    I was married there myself (well not alone) in 2003.

  5. Glenn Hodges

    I remember when Willacoochee School played Lax School in baseball.

  6. So glad to hear from you Carole, and so glad that you like the photos. Lax Baptist is such a unique little church, and I just love the pecan tree out front! Thanks again for sharing your memories of the place!

  7. Carole Wingate Keefe

    Thanks so much for sharing these photos. My husband and I were married almost 40 years ago in the Lax Baptist Church on December 21, 1968. It was my childhood church home, and I have many sweet memories of the dear people from days ago.

    Carole Wingate Keefe

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