Irwinville Methodist Church, 1940


The first Methodist church stood near this location, but by 1903, congregants were dissatisfied with their facility and began to meet in the old courthouse. A large church was built sometime around 1907, but was torn down in the late 1920s and rebuilt. That facility served for about twenty years, until the present one was built.*

*Willie Mae Smith, The Ocilla Star, 1 February 1973.


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2 responses to “Irwinville Methodist Church, 1940

  1. Mandy Harp Bryant

    Just a bit more about the history of Irwinville United Methodist Church:
    My grandmother, Etta Lewis, lived next door. I live in the same house that stands beside the church today. My grandparents built this house in 1928. She also ran a country store just down the street. Etta was an active member and asked the members to please make sure the church was built to the back of the lot so that she could keep an eye on her house from her store. My grandfather, Leon Lewis donated money to help in the building and they granted her request. (Although, as a side note, the members debated about whether to accept his money because he sold beer at Crystal Lake. It is told that someone said, “The devil had used the money long enough” so they accepted his donation.)
    Also, the social hall was added in the late 1960’s and built primarily by my father with the help of other church members. It is named The Robert R. Harp Hall in his memory.

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