Georgia Collard Green Seasoning Truck, Fitzgerald

Georgia Collard Green Seasoning King Louie Fitzgerald GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vaniishing South Georgia USA 2008

If you’re a vegetarian and are missing out on the good greens we all grew up eating in South Georgia, this seasoning is for you. And if you’re not a vegetarian, the seasonings are still great. I really admire innovative businesses like this one.


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3 responses to “Georgia Collard Green Seasoning Truck, Fitzgerald

  1. Its the hottest item that sell in so florida, now popular in georgia. That orange truck has been around for many years. This seasoning replace that bad for you FAT BACK AND THE BAD PORK. sO LONG PORKY PIG.

  2. Adam

    I’ve seen this truck parked near the road in middle of a field on Highway 206 (just off the Broxton/Fitz Highway) heading to Douglas many times and often wondered about the demand for collard green seasonings. Ha! Loving your site!

  3. Terry James

    I can make this comment because I’m a native of this area–what a colorful place the South is!

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