Historic Storefronts, Byromville

byromville ga historic storefronts photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2016


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11 responses to “Historic Storefronts, Byromville

  1. Kimberly Brown Cavanah

    Mr. Billy Kitchens was instrumental in my living the life that I have. When I was little I accidentally ingested some poison and my mother called Mr. Billy because she knew I probably wouldn’t make it before she got me to the hospital in Vienna. He rushed out to our house with some medication to make my throw up the poison. I used to love to play with the toys in the front window while momma was getting her prescriptions. And getting a scoop of ice cream was always a great treat.

  2. I was reading the posts, love them all. Since some of them added some history here’s my contribution. When I was born Dr. Kitchens delivered me. I believe he was Billy Kitchens father. Byromville is my hometown, I always come there when we pass on our way to Florida for vacation. I just love it…Donna

  3. eric cawthon

    I remember so much about this section of town. Mr Kitchens was a great person…I think he had the same stuff on the shelves the 5 years I lived there…Ice cream and meds were the big sellers. I remember Marshall Welch and I buying “HOME RUN” cigarettes there, smoking them and getting dizzy and crazy. One day, we were out side drinking a soda while the bank was being robbed! Dr Howard used to pay Marshall or myself $40.00 to drive him up to north Georgia. On more than one occassion, he would get drunk and we would have to leave him. A few days later, Billy Kitchens would have to go get him and bring him back because the pharmacy had no business without the doctor in town….These pictures bring tears to my eyes….so many memories

  4. Mark Cawthon

    I remember when the icee machine came. We would ride our bikes down
    to get the cherry and cola icee drinks. You could get a 12 oz. coke for a dime. 1965-1970
    The store was packed with stuff.

  5. Carol A Lokey

    I spent most of my summers in Byromville at my grandparents Velma and James Josey when I was growing up. I loved going in Kitchens drug store and visiting with my granddaddy at the grocery store. He would let us pick out any candy chewing gum, etc we wanted It brings out so many warm memories. All the Joseys are dead now except my Aunt Mary Beth Josey We visited her Jan

    • Thanks so much, Carol, for sharing a bit of your family’s history with Vanishing South Georgia. I love that old grocery store, and it saddens me to see the state Byromville is in now. I recently spent a leisurely couple of hours having a picnic in the small park there, and walking around the place. It’s such a different place than it once was…

  6. Victor M

    In the summer my aunt would take me to Kitchens to get ice cream when I was a child, circa 50’s. I took my daughter there for ice cream in 1985. Billy Kitchens would let me sit on a stool and watch him fill prescriptions.

    I spent most of my time in those days in Lilly & Unadilla.

    I love the pictures of Lilly.


  7. Thank YOU Donna, for sharing YOUR memories! That’s really what I want this site to be about…

  8. Donna Wilkes

    I just Loved seeing that Kitchens’ Pharmacy was still standing. I have very found memories of shopping in here with my Mother as a child. Thank You for the memories….Donna

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