Lovett’s Pecans, Sparks


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16 responses to “Lovett’s Pecans, Sparks

  1. Kate kendrick

    I worked there probably in 1952. Love it and the owners.

  2. Brannon Jahnke

    Evelyn Lovett Childers passed away on February 7th, 2014 at 92 years old. She was the owner of Lovett’s Pecans and the Southland Restaurant in Adel, GA. So many great memories of visiting her in Sparks growing up. She was a great lady that taught me the value of hard work. She was the embodiment of the American Dream.

  3. Paul

    Oh yes Lovett’s Pecans, I know of that place because my mom and other members of my family told me all about it back in the day when Sparks was a bustling college town, they said back then Sparks was bigger than Adel. I myself stayed with my grand parents on corner of Virginia Ave and 41. My grandfather Homer Dixon owned Dixon’s grocery for 53 years right there on the main street in Sparks. I have great memories of Sparks and of Adel county.

    Best Regards-

  4. judy

    did the Lovett’s sell honey???I think I remember me and granddaddy Rountree going there and buying clover honey…my granddaddy Tobe ate clover honey every meal…they lived on Colquitt Street in Sparks…we lived across I-75 on the right side of the road…I understand there might be a winery there now…I-75 went through the middle of Grandaddy’s farm…there was a large pecan orchard and a dairy barn and mullberry trees there before the hiway came through…sorry…I tend to ramble…

  5. Greetings from Sparks! Thanks for this page. I go by there everyday.

  6. Brannon Jahnke

    Thanks for the nice comments Julie. This is my grandmother’s store. I used to work the cash register when I would visit mostly in the 80’s so I may have met you before. My mother Carolyn Lovett grew up in the house that is still on the property. Lots of great memories visiting Sparks. The store closed back around 2002, I think and my grandmother Evelyn Lovett is in a nursing home in Adel. She is 89 now.

    • Vickie Mattson

      Brannon, I knew your Mom and Grandmother when I was a little girl ! I’m looking for my cousin Judy Lovett. She was Ethel and Brown Lovetts daughter ..

      • Eston

        Hi Vickie, Judy Lovett was my Mother (Jerri)’s cousin. I can ask for you.

      • Vickie Mattson

        Thank you so much! I remember you’re Mom! I’ve been looking for Judy for so long! Uncle Brown was my absolute favorite Uncle. ! So many wonderful memories.!!!

  7. julie skinner

    A friend fowarded your site to me. The photo of Lovett’s Pecans brought back memories for me. My parents used to take my brother and I to the store to sell the pecans that we had picked up from our yard. . . during the 80’s. I do not know what year it closed. My grandmother’s maiden name was Lovett and the owners were relatives.
    Thank you.


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