DeSoto, Georgia

desoto ga sumter county photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2009


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7 responses to “DeSoto, Georgia

  1. leila brewer

    its sad to see small towns fading away

  2. john

    just curious, how many miles do you log a year ??

  3. Loved going to Uncle Thad’s store and being allowed to go behind the candy counter to choose my candy. The store was there when my oldest sons, John and West, were little and they had that same privilege and memory. Remember the Meho-Baptist Church!

  4. Mary

    Saw my sister, Jean, didn’t reply to your question. Our grandfather, John Edward Ferguson, and his cousin, Emmet Ferguson, had a general store in De Soto. It was during the depression and local folks didn’t have much money. So Granddaddy and Uncle Emmet actually had coins created that said “

  5. Jean Deriso

    That was my Granddady’s general store. A great place to grow up. Jean

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