Scotland City Limit

scotland ga city limit sign photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2009


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4 responses to “Scotland City Limit

  1. Esther Duvall

    I would love to know more of the history of the David Thomas family in Scotland, GA. My mother, born, Annie Claire (Thomas) Duvall grew up in Scotland as a child. Also, my Aunt Mary (Thomas) Owens (as well as other aunts and uncles). Any idea of how I could get more information?

  2. Talmadge Gary Sanford

    Is there a comprehensive list of the citizens of Scotland, GA on the internet? If so how can it be found? Thank you.

  3. Carolyn Dobbs Wilson

    Dr. Cleveland W. Pettigrew, 4th President of Fort Valley State University is buried in the Scotland Cemetery. I’m sure he grew up in Scotland.

  4. Carolyn Dobbs Wilson

    Brian, you must return to Scotland and meet Ann Murphy at the Scotland Museum. Yes, Scotland has had a museum for five years through the devotion of Ann Murphy. It has taken me five years to see it. Other Scotland natives were unaware until they saw my post on Facebook. The Dean of Nursing at Georgia Regents University happens to be from Scotland and was my next door neighbor and best friend. Our class reunion was this weekend. Did you know the founder of Fort Valley State also visited the Telfair Museum in Helena, at the Old South Ga. College. The old Talmadge Home has been restored. I am proud of my hometowns. I could go on and on. Thanks!

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