Osierfield Grocery, Irwin County

osierfield grocery irwin county ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2009

Madie Denton operated this store from the early 1970s until about 2007. It has been in her family for 100 years. I remember stopping here in the last years it was open, buying cold drinks out of a an old-fashioned chest cooler. My father said he stopped here many times over the years while working for the railroad, as the trains stopped here waiting to go into Fitzgerald. The old Texaco sign is an Osierfield landmark in its own right.

texaco sign osierfield grocery irwin county ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georrgia usa 2009


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9 responses to “Osierfield Grocery, Irwin County

  1. Who remember the round house in Osierfield.?

  2. Janice (Smith) Young

    Oh such wonderful memories of Osierfield! The RC Colas were so cold and delicious along with a mouth watering moon pie and rainbow colored coconut bar!! Yummy! i loved the old hardwood floors in Mrs Faulkner’s store and she had a case full of mouth watering candiesI! The train roaring by would always excite me. I will never forget the day before Christmas when Santa Clause came to Horace and Nelll Grace’s store! Wow! I was so excited to sit in his lap and tell him the things I wanted for Christmas! After we left I just knew I could see hiim in his sleigh with his reindeer in the sky! Osierfield will always be a special place to me!!!

  3. Jean Smith Ruis

    Some of my fondest memories are going to Osierfield for snacks after school and on Saturdays. Nell Grace and Horace ran the first store and Mrs. Faulkner ran the other one. They had the small brown sacks for penny candy, hoop cheese, bottled soft drinks, candy bars, ice cream…..yum!!! Also…Mama would send me to pick up items for her in lieu of going into “town.” Loved growing up in the community!

  4. Carla Gaines Carpenter

    I spent many summers at my granparents Osierfield farm ( Jeff and Frances Gaines) though it wasnt actually their farm. The house and land was owned by a kind man named Mr. Freeman. The house was down a two lane blacktop from the store and jail (as I recal). Wondering if the house still exists and if the Freeman family still lives in the area..?

  5. Nancy Ross

    I, along with a sister and brother, grew up in the Osierfield Grocery building. Lots of great memories! My Mom retired about 3 years ago and closed the store after 36 years. She was open for business Mon-Sat 7am to 7pm. The store had been in our family for close to 100 years. My folks now live in the Osierfield School House not far from the store. Lots of renovations to the school. It’s across the road from the Hopkins Tile House.

    • Joe

      I spent a lot of summers in Osierfield, and visited that store many times with my grandfather. I still remember the cement floors and the ice cream and coke machines Madie had in there. It was kind of sad to hear of it closing a few years ago.

      • I really miss the Osierfield Grocery…what a shame such places can’t compete anymore. I believe with the economy getting weaker and weaker, people would like to have such places near them so they wouldn’t have to drive so far. It’s a shame that small businesses don’t interest people anymore–everyone wants to get rich. That’s not the way the country life once was.

      • Joe

        I miss that grocery too. Small businesses like that one were what made this country great. I’ve always said that there’s a reason they’re called “the good old days”- because they were.

    • Anne Gretsch

      Great place to grow up! Great community! Thanks for posting this. I remember selling hot dogs & hamburgers to the tobacco workers. We made enough to buy or own go carts from Uncle Horace. Wonderful memories!

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