Peacock Day, Pavo

pavo ga peacock day sign photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2009

Over a century ago, a prominent local family, the Peacocks, wanted the name of their town changed from McDonald to Peacock. They compromised and chose the Latin name for peacock, Pavo. Check out the Peacock Festival if you’re in the area on the 2nd Saturday in May. Just know you won’t find many peacocks.



8 responses to “Peacock Day, Pavo

  1. Brenda&Dick Whitten

    Just drove thru today,Our Motorhome,wandering the History?We Googled it🤔Quite an interesting story😃We just celebrated an Airforce Ammo call in Ray City,Valdosta.Hope to visit again😉

  2. Gail

    Could you get a picture of the Bethel Primitive Baptist church.
    I have family buried in the cemetery at the church. Its 1.5 miles
    S of Ga RT 122 on Bethel church road. So I was told, never been
    but planning a trip. My Great grandmother Maud Westberry was from
    Quitman. My 3rd great grandmother is Martha Hires Westberry is buried
    in Pavo don’t know why she is not from there. Thanks for all your hard
    work in bring us these photos. I really enjoy seeing them.

  3. This is the town my mom is from. I spent many summers in Pavo. Here is the story of How Pavo was named or what I was told.

    There were two people who wanted to name the town. Mr Peacock and another guy. (unknown). They were arguing. Mr Peacock decided to name it Pavo. He was obviously smarter because pavo means peackock in latin. They agreed and Mr Peackock won the name choice.

    Pavo also was a filming location for Alan Jackson “little man” Alan Jackson did not come to pavo. But My Grandparents and other relatives are in the video. They wanted them to “Dress down” for the video. Since its about down and out people. My grandparents were never down and out. lol

    Another secret of the south “Mayhaw Jelly” is found in pavo. Possibly the best leser known jelly. You can usually buy it at peacock day.

  4. You’re venturing into the a part of the state with which I’m familiar, now. When I worked in home health, I went as far east as Quitman, as far north as Clay County and touched the lines of two other states. I’ve been lost in 12 counties, not having been from around here.

    I’m enjoying your photography. Thanks.

    • Thanks Nell Jean! I love that part of Georgia, and really have never explored it much until today…I hope you’ll continue to enjoy!

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