Bennett House, 1904, Quitman


Emily Strickland Wall wrote, via our Facebook page that this home belonged to the Bennett family. Spencer Bennett was a lawyer. His maiden sister, Louise Bennett taught piano there after she retired from faculty at Shorter college. Many children learned to play at that piano. I took lessons there in the 50’s and 60’s. His law office was the little building next to it.

Quitman Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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5 responses to “Bennett House, 1904, Quitman

  1. Barbara S Breidt

    I spent many afternoons in the hammock on Miss Louise’s front porch reading and waiting for my cousin, Marilee Hatcher (now Dunklee) to complete her piano lesson.

  2. Now Blair’s Florist. My aunt worked there before she went to work for the Brooks County Magistrate Court, I remember walking through there as a kid… So many beautiful old homes in Quitman, especially going up North Court Street and Mrs. Tadlock’s house a few blocks from this near my grandparents on W. Johnson St. If you’re ever back in Quitman turn left right past this place onto S Madison Street and photograph the old Quitman jail…

  3. Les Wilkes

    When I was a 1st and 2nd grader my family lived in this house. It was divided into four apartments, and we lived in the 2nd floor on the left (as you face the house). I have such great memories of this place. We played football in the yard, and we had a homemade basketball goal. I had friends downstairs and next door. It was a wonderfull childhood in 1946 and 1947.

  4. luthien26

    Holy cow! I know this home! This is the house of my former piano teacher. She used to give lessons right out of the house – I took piano lessons there for six years. My brother even fell off that front porch into the bushes because he was chased by a bee when he was a little kid. Wow, this brings back a ton of memories.

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