Perry House, Crosland

crosland ga perry house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2016

Stacey Rutledge writes that this was the home of her great-grandparents, Robert A. & Bessie Perry. As of 2016, I don’t know if it’s still standing.


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4 responses to “Perry House, Crosland

  1. Greenhouse1

    I live there went to school and church a cross street we lived a cross the street road I remember there was a post offices there

  2. Sarah W. Allen

    I knew Mr. & Mrs. Perry their daughter Ethel Perry Roberts. I went to school with a girl named Melvelene Parker that boarded with them. They were wonderful people & I spent many happy hours there My grand parents Mr & Mrs Wilton Radford lived in Crosland & I lived with them. We lived on what is now Sotterville Rd. Sue white Also known as Sarah W. Allen

  3. Mary Taylor

    My grandmother lived 2 doors up from this house. The streets were of sand and what fun for we children. The lady who lived there was such a sweet lady. In the spring Easter Lilies grow in the abandond yard. Thanks for the pic.

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