Meigs Pharmacy

meigs pharmacy colquitt county ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2009

Shirley Gassett notes that this was originally a bus station and then a gas station, before it was Meigs Pharmacy. The architectural style definitely supports that history and if the red stripes on the awning are original it was probably affiliated with Trailways. All conjecture on my part. She and her husband made it into a home after operating a restaurant here for a time. Most remember it as Meigs Pharmacy, though. It’s obviously had lots of uses over the years. Angela Fields writes: I worked there in high school. The original pharmacist was Mims Aultman. He and his wife, Mable, lived next door. After he retired, Gilbert Lewis in Pelham bought it.


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12 responses to “Meigs Pharmacy

  1. Cary Childre

    Mr and Mrs Aultman were my great-uncle & great-aunt. Mims Emmanuel Aultman’s father, I. R. Aultman, graduated from Medical College of Georgia in 1893 and started Aultman Pharmacy and lived in the house next door. Uncle Mims took over after his father died. My aunt Mable, moved into the house with Uncle Mims and his mother, when they married in the 1920s. Their son, Mims Crowell Aultman (1928-2011), went to the Medical College of Georgia became a doctor, joined the Army and retired as a Colonel in Washington DC, after serving all over the world in hospital administration. He is buried at Arlington Cemetery. The pharmacy was wonderful, I have wonderful memories of going in there as a child. It had early Coca-cola displays, including Tiffany lamp shades, as well as the old glass drug canisters. I helped inventory items from the pharmacy when Uncle Mims retired in the ’70s, I was a kid. After Uncle Mims died, Aunt Mable lived with her son Mims, first in Panama Canal Zone, then Columbia, S.C, and finally in Washington, DC. The contents of the pharmacy were at Mims’ house in Washington, DC the last time I saw them.

  2. Buddy

    I didn’t know that it used to be a bus station too, I guess that was before my time. I don’t know who posted the pic mrs. gassett, but it sure does make me think of the old days, I even rode Levon’s bus at one time. I sure miss the old days.

    • Patsy Aultman

      It belonged to my husband’s family. I grew up going there often, long before I met him! We went there whenever we were in Meigs for other reasons. We have the old cabinet and long marble top that sat on top in our home.
      Patsy Aultman

      • Angela Fields

        Hi Patsy! I’m Dusty Fields. I live in Marietta now, but grew up in Meigs. Is your husband related to Mims Aultman? I remember him and his wife, Mable, very well. I worked at the pharmacy and I’ve always wondered what happened to the porcelain Coke dispenser. It was beautiful. Do you happen to know where it ended up?

  3. shirley gassett

    this was also a bus station and a gas station before it was a pharmacy.Then is was a restaurant owned by my husband and I and we still own it and live in it. I would like to know who actually posted this picture.

  4. Angela (Dusty) Fields

    That was Meigs Pharmacy. I worked there in high school. The original pharmacist was Mims Aultman. He and his wife, Mable, lived next door. After he retired, Gilbert Lewis in Pelham bought it.

  5. Buddy

    i didnt realize it back then, but Meigs was a great place to grow up, that is, the way it was back then, not the way it is now. i look at Meigs now and feel sick to my stomach and even want to cry, afterall, this is my true home town, not Thomasville which is where i live now. how i miss it.

    • Jack Pate

      I don’t know who I am speaking with, however I am excited. My grandparents lived in meigs all there life along with their families. I lived in Thomasville until about 14 years old. My grandfather ran Tipton’s cotton gin and furtilizer plant for 50 years. Lived next to the gin and the community house accros from Piltchers Mill. My family have several barried at sunset cemetary. Sounds like we could share a lot. Who are you? if you don’t mind me asking.

  6. Jsingl

    I’m pretty sure that they sold it and someone is living in it now.

  7. buddy

    i grew up in meigs. back in the day, this was meigs pharmacy. i have been here many many times.

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