Ryals Drug Store, McRae

mcrae ga ryals drug store photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2009

Ryals Drug Store is an independent pharmacy and gift shop of the kind that could once be found in every small town. It’s a real McRae landmark, and they even have their own Facebook page.


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8 responses to “Ryals Drug Store, McRae

  1. John Smith

    in the 40’s and 50’s spent a lot of time there reading from the huge comic book rack. Dr. Ryals would patiently let us read the comics and place them back in the rack.

  2. Alfred Rutledge

    My parents and my family went there all the time, before we moved 30 years ago. My Dad was just asking about Micky Nelson. Al Rutledge Photography was my dads business across the street.

  3. Steve Cucchi

    Does anyone know when this store opened?

  4. This store was kind of in the middle of the street (maybe 2nd St) but I guess with all the changes in McRae now it is on the end of street; anyway, when I lived in McRae we didn’t trade there. We used Ocmulgee Drugs but I can remember my step-grandmother using it very faithfully. She was great friends with Sylvia Moon who worked there. She and Sylvia were neighbors.

  5. Levi Gilder

    This drug store holds so many memories for me and my family. I went there as a child with my grandparents, and now go there myself for medicines. Still old fashioned inside, and has the “old drug store smell”, still.

  6. Lynn Lafavor Addison

    I got my ears pierced here 😦 Long time ago.

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