Maxwell House, Danville

danville ga historic maxwell house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2009

Thanks to Jane Davidson Kirksey & Jean Clements for the identification.


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9 responses to “Maxwell House, Danville

  1. Tim Pike

    My grandfather, Herbert Lee Pike, lived much of his life in Danville and was living there when he died…he is buried in the Allentown cemetery….I love those little towns and miss the old man so much!

  2. Jane Davidson Kirksey

    That is definitely My Aunt’s house. I am named after her, lived and played with my cousins when young in that house. Aunt Janie Davidson Maxwell passed recently.

    • Lottie Nicholson

      My great grand parents, Wm.A. Maxwell and his wife, Frances Morse lived in Villa Rica, GA frrrrrom 1880 to1907; I would like to know what branch of tthe Maxwell Families the Maxwell house in Danville was part of.

  3. Jean Clements

    I believe this is Mrs. Leila Maxwell’s house. She was the local postmistress, and 2 of her sons were the rural mail carriers. My childhood home is on the same street.

  4. bill

    Sorry, I was mistaken. It was the house down the road that was damaged.

  5. bill

    The roof of this house was damaged by fire. I think it was in 2007

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