Ellis Grocery, Grovania

grovania ga historic ellis grocery photograph copyright brian brown vanishing soiuth georgia usa 2010
This landmark has been a favorite of photographers for at least a decade. I’ve never learned much about its background. I recently heard (2015) that most of the old signage is now gone.

grovania ga ellis grocery coca cola sign photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

Memories of Grovania and Ellis Grocery.
Mike Paulk: I lived in Grovania in the early 50’s, bought candy at the grocery. I remember there was no refrigeration and all the meat lay on large tables covered with salt. I live next door to some people who’s name was Horton I think. They had a son named David.
Laura Kemp: I remember my granddaddy taking me to this store and buying me candy. He and my grandmama lived next door. I loved the old stores like this. They were so cool inside in the summer. The hoop cheese and pickles on the counter. The screen doors with the Colonial Bread sign. Always people around “shooting the breeze”.
This photo dates to 2017. The old sign is gone but the gas pump remains and Ellis Grocery is still one of the most photographed landmarks in this part of Georgia.

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  1. Wynnette Gray

    My mother was born in Grovania in 1920. She use to tell me about the train rides she would take as a child, sometimes alone. Her maiden name was Lester and she also was related to the Malloy’s. She had many fond memories as a child. Her grandfather’s name was Ellis Lester which is coincidentally the same name as the general store. It looks like a beautiful small town, even the old buildings are beautiful to me.

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