McArthur’s Store, Long Pond

long pond ga mcarthurs store photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2016


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8 responses to “McArthur’s Store, Long Pond

  1. Does anyone know if T.C. and Bruce McArthur are any relation to Walter T. McArthur of Lumber City? He was my great-great-uncle.

  2. Grace Berner Hartdegen

    I know my Conner and Ryals ancestors lived at Long Pond during some time period after the American Revolution, and that they claimed land in the GA Land Lottery of 1802. I also know they lived in the Dead River Community, were members of the Dead River Church there, and that many were buried in the Dead River Cemetery. Is there anybody out there who would fill me in on their places of habitation and the dates thereof?
    I’d truly appreciate anything any of you can send to me.

  3. Elizabeth

    I am a great-great-great-granddaughter of Peter Johnson. The Johnson family still owns this piece of property along with the Peter Johnson House.

  4. Walt McBride

    My grandfather, T. C. McArthur, lived in Longpond, Do you know the origin of the name “Long Pond?” I am told it was once named McBride Ga and had a U S Post Office.

  5. Walter C. Johnson

    Peter Johnson was my great-grandfather. The store was owned and operated by his son-in-law, Bruce McArthur. When we kids were visiting from Flordia, a highlight of the trip was going to Uncle Bruce’s store for a Coke and peanuts.

  6. Tarrel Clark

    Mr. Bruce McArthur ran this store as long as I can remember. I don.t know if Peter Johnson owned the building or bought it after Mr. Bruce died. I traded many coke bottles for candy in that store. I bought my first cigar from Mr. Bruce when I was 13 years old.

    • Thanks for the information, Tarrel. I was told by a local man that it was known as Peter Johnson’s store, but your information seems to be an update of that. Thanks!

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