Reddick’s Store, Cuthbert

reddicks store benevolence ga relocated to cuthbert photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

This local landmark, which served as a post office and gathering place in Benevolence for generations, has now been moved to the outskirts of Cuthbert, where it is well-maintained.


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30 responses to “Reddick’s Store, Cuthbert

  1. Dale E Reddick

    The Reddick folks who operated Reddick’s Store in Benevolence were descended from a German family originating in the Odenwald area east of the Rhine River. They came from Reichenbach Parish and arrived in Savannah, GA in 1737. Those of you who’ve read and commented about this post and have GA Reddick ancestry may wish to visit this genealogical group on FB.

    Descendents of Hans Jacob Retgen, Odenwald to GA & PA; Reddick & Rettig

  2. Larry Ingram

    I remember Reddick’s Store from the 40’s and 50’s and it’s slow decline as the population of Benevolence dwindled. Up until the early 1950’s all of the few remaining locals would go to the store to wait for the mail to come in (it was the local post office) My grandfather died in 1955 and my grandmother moved to Tampa, Florida, and at age15 my annual summer trips to Benevolence, ende

    • Renee E. Joseph

      Good afternoon Larry, I just came upon entry and would like to communicate with you. I am a direct descendent of the “Roddick” family and I currently live in Tampa, Fl

  3. Robert Ball

    The store was originally built and owned by Samuel Stith Parham. He lived across the road in the home now owned by Phillip Shaw. Other people to own the Parham home were the Hamm family and Bill and Inez Key. Sam Parham was my G-Grandfather

    • Alex Reddick

      Hi Robert, thanks for the post on Reddick’s Store. I’m Alex Reddick and my dad, Jimmy, ran the store from probably early 1950s until his death in 1991. Before that his dad, Cleveland Reddick ran the store. We didn’t know who built or ran the store before that and this is another piece of history associated with that store. Did your great grandfather actually build the store himself? Do you know when it was built? We were estimating early 1900s. Thanks for the post and hope to here more info from you if you have it.

      • Robert Ball

        Sam Parham probably built the store building in late 1800s. My mother was born in 1911 and she said she used to go to her grandfather’s store.
        Sam lied about his age and joined Company A 55th Ga Infantry CSA. When they were captured he was absent sick and when he recovered was sent to Camp Sumpter(Andersonville) as a guard. Walked home after the war. Later built the store

  4. I am trying to locate family in Randolph County…My grandfather grew up there, his name is Clarence Emmett Terry…he had a sister named Mary…He spent most of his adult life in Tifton…My uncle, his son, passed away couple years ago and we finally got the family photo albums…My brother and I have no family left, except for our kids and each other…there are several old pictures of people I do not know but pretty sure they were taken in Cuthbert or somewhere around there…My name is TIna, and my mother was Brenda, daughter of CE Terry..I have found a Terry plot online at Brooksville Cemetery…Any help or comments would be helpful…Thank you

    • Alex Reddick

      Hi Tina, I’m Alex Reddick, sorry to hear that Jimmy passed away. Your grandfather was my uncle. My mother is Mary Reddick, who was your grandfather’s sister. She is 84 now and still lives in Cuthbert. Please do give her a call. Her phone number is 229-310-3359. Hope you, Tim and family are doing well. My email address is Thanks for the post and please do call my mother. She would like to hear from you.

      Alex Reddick

      • Miss Deborah

        Hello alex my name is Deborah i was born in Benevolence Georgia but now live in new jersey it been year since i been home i remember young boy i grew up with name Tim Reddick i hope this is the same man. We both is older now i remember we were freind that back them we couldnt play together but we didnt care he was like my little brother we play together we went grew up i moved away God Bless you and your family

  5. Sandra True

    Hi. I’m Sandra Reeder True, Jim Reeder’s sister, Karen and Debbie’s cousin. I remember being sent to pick up something from the store for our Grandmother. Uncle Jimmy always knew who I was, even though we were only there during summer vacation or Christmas holidays. I remember being fascinated with the soda machine. It had a knob to turn to get the drinks, no buttons to push. The store was filled with everything! To me, it was the coolest place ever! The store and Benevolence hold a lot of great childhood memories. It was truly an amazing place.

  6. All my memories of growing up in the Benevolence and the Mount Airy communities include Reddick’s Store. My Mom (Big Gal), Sister and I could not wait to get their for what would end up being some of our fondest memories. The best memories were the conversations with Mr. Jimmy and others that frequented the store. It was a stopping spot on the way back from Church if only for a cold soda from the machine. I have fond memories of chatting with my Uncle Claude “Bay” Knighton on the porch of Reddick’s Store over a Coke or RC Cola. The good ole days were really great days! ~ Nickey Knighton

  7. Dianne

    it is so nice to hear all the memories from back then….my maiden name is price but my family name is Hogan/Williams…we use to walk up to the store and get his cookies they were then 2 for a penny….i believe i know the Gibsons…

  8. gibson family


  9. James Reeder

    The memories!!!! The time spend at my grandmothers (MiMi to us), walking down the road to get a ice cream sandwich and getting a few things for Mimi (Uncle Jimmy’s step mom) I’m Karen & Debbie’s cousin, Virginia’s nephew. My Granddaddy died before I was old enough to know him, it was always Uncle Jimmy’s store to me. I am glad to see that this treasure will be preserved!!!

  10. Virginia Reddick Stoff

    I too have some fond memories of Reddick’s Store. My memories of
    course was when my father was the owner. MY mother was the assistant Post Master. She stayed in the PO when Daddy went to the farm. It is nice to see Alex’s comment. (my Nephew)
    It was really a gathering place on Sat. nights

    • Thanks for sharing your memories, Virginia. I’m so glad to finally hear from the Reddick family. I think Reddick’s Store is one of the greatest landmarks in South Georgia. I only wish it could have remained in Benevolence.

  11. Veronica Burke Humphrey

    My sister and I used to enjoy orange push-up pops from Mr. Reddick’s store. He was at the corner, and our great-aunt Betty Lowrey lived right down from him.

  12. Alex Reddick

    Hi Folks,

    Jimmy Reddick was the proprietor of the store. He passed away in December 1991 and is buried in the cemetery across the road from where the store was. I’m his oldest son and used to work in the store when I was growing up. The store previously was owned by my grandfather. He became ill so my father moved back to Benevolence to run the store when he was discharged from the Navy. I have very fond memories of growing up there. I live in Atlanta now. Quite a difference from growing up in Benevolence where I had a great childhood. Thanks for the interest in my dad’s store.

    Alex Reddick

    • Kris Garrett

      I never knew Tim had a brother! I remember getting gas for my go cart at this store when I was a kid. I haven’t had a can of Red Birds since the early 80s.

    • Karen S. Ramsey


      I am Alex Reddick’s cousin. His dad was my uncle, my mom’s brother. I also have great memories of the store. My mom used to tell me stories, and still does, about growing up when my grandfather ran the store. I used to love going to pick up things for my grandmother, who lived just two houses away from the store. I remember Uncle Jimmy slicing the bologna log and the cheese wheel. That was always the best tasting bologna and cheese! I really miss those times. I was thrilled to see the picture and just called my mom to tell her about it. We will be visiting up that way this summer and intend to go out to see the store. Thanks for sharing the picture!

    • Debbie Stoff Martin

      I am Karen’s sister and Alex’s cousin. I, too, have fond memories of my grandfather, then uncle’s store. I was very young when Alex worked at the store, but do have wonderful memories of stopping in to visit my uncle and get a cold soft drink. I probably remember Tim at the store more than Alex. Visiting the Reddick Store was like walking onto the set of “The Waltons” and going into Godsey’s Store.

  13. Thomas F. Coram

    I visited the Benevolence Cemetery about 25 years ago. I spent a considerable amount of time in the cemetery recording names and pertinent information. Reddick’s Store was directly across the road from the cemetery. I went into the store, drank a soda pop, ate some cookies and conversed with Mr. Reddick for quite some time. He was a large congenial man, pleasing to talk with and he knew many of my then deceased kinfolks. I understand the store has been moved. Anyone know where it was moved to. Is Mr. Reddick still alive? Thanks.

    • Dianne

      I was born in Benevolence, has since moved. Not sure about Mr. Reddick, but I know the store has moved outside of Cuthbert. My aunt who still lives there took us there once when we visited. Will fine out about Mr. Reddick my mother knows his family well. Its so good to know that others know a little about Benevolence. Thanks

    • Florence Lay Williams

      The store has been moved to Cuthbert. It is on the by pass around Cuthbert. It sits on some land I owned & sold to William Burnette. You go S passed the Days Inn. It will be on your right.

    • gibson family

      mr jimmy pass a long time ago i was a lil boi then i think he pass in 1991

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