Carter-Clark House, 1905, Nashville

nashville ga historic carter clark house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

Built by Dr. L. A. Carter, this is one of the anchors of a proposed historic district in Nashville that will include both residential and commercial structures.


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12 responses to “Carter-Clark House, 1905, Nashville

  1. ruby

    I have always admired this home i grew up down the street from the carter clark home it is a home i have always wanted to call my own. It is a bit creepy also for me.

  2. Jerry Griner

    My Aunt Jewell Boykin worked for Mr. Clark in the 50’s and 60’s, maybe before. My Grandaddy bought his hats from Mr. Clark. I remember Mr. Clark as a very kind person who always had time for children.

  3. Ann Holder

    Such a beautiful home. Hope it can be saved….

  4. kristy

    we loved this house and almost bought it till we noticed extreme structural damage caused by the magnolia tree on the side of the house. the owners have had the tree removed now but it will take a lot to get the damage repaired before the house comes in on itself! I pray some one that has the resources is able to do this before that happens it is to beautiful to let it crumble it needs to be saved!

  5. Jim McGill

    In the late 40’s and during the 50’s, my father had a business on the square in Nashville..Next to it was a jewelry store and next to it was Clarks’ dry good store. It was owned and operated by Mr. Bud Clark who owned the Clark house and lived there. He walked to work everyday. My grandfather wore his blue serge suits for years and his Stetson 4x beaver hats. What great memories!

  6. RPW

    This house is for sale for anyone interested in purchasing it.

  7. Thanks Silver Salmon; I’ll change the title to reflect the correct name!

  8. Silver Salmon

    The official name for this is the Carter-Clark House.

    I want to think it was still in use as a residence in the 1980s, but since then there have been attempts to make money with it. It’s been used as a bed & breakfast and also as place for fancy, fancy dinners. None of that has worked.

  9. That’s what I most enjoy miost: Noticing and appreciateing things that have always been there. Even cruising around Atlanta I stumble onto streets that seem teleported from somewhere else.

  10. Thanks, Terry! I have lived 30 miles from Nashville almost my whole life and never even knew this house existed until yesterday…isn’t it a beauty?

  11. You are rocking me with Nashville. Thanks.

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