Pitts, Georgia

pitts ga historic storefronts mcdonald avenue photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

This iconic view is largely a result of the work of Dr. Delano Braziel, a retired art professor, master potter and native son of Pitts, who has worked diligently to restore the appearance of his hometown. I finally got to meet Dr. Braziel and his son, Jim, on a recent visit and have an even greater appreciation for this place than I did before. “Dr. B” notes that Pitts was founded in the late 1800s and incorporated in 1905. At its peak there were 33 stores and businesses in the town, as well as three doctors. His father, J. H. Braziel operated a general store until December 1971. It was the last business of its kind in Pitts and signaled the end of an era. (From the description of his painting “Downtown Pitts”, © Delano Braziel, 2010).

According to Gerri Lipthratt, Pitts was named for her great-grandfather, Ashley Jordan Pitts, who was also the town’s first postmaster.


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7 responses to “Pitts, Georgia

  1. Patrick

    My family is from Pitts. My Grandparents were Mary Louise and Edwin Shell. My father was their oldest son, Edwin. This town is the home of many wonderful childhood memoires. What a great place..

  2. My father was born and raised in Pitts. I have fond memories of returning there for the Salter and Sellers family homecomings every June as a child.

  3. Reatha mcswain

    It’s a great place to live and raise a family!

  4. Wendell Ratterree

    I started at Pitts School in the 1st grade (1946) & moved away after finishing the 6th.I have photos of my 1st & 6th grade classes if you would like to see.

  5. Hey Brian, I have got to get my butt back home sometime, would love to go see Pitts, havn’t been in quite a while. I know Del quite well, would love to see him again. Knew him from my years in Valdosta.

    • Virginia Calhoun Spradley

      The little white building between Kings store on left & the red building on right was Pitts Banking Co. I worked there as a senior in high school & after graduation back in 1953 to 1955.
      Grandpa A C Shell was the president of the bank & his son, Edwin Shell also worked there. Thanks for the memory.

      • Trenton

        Are you familiar with a Robert June Smith who worked for an A. C. Shell, Jr., around January 6, 1951? I am his son and trying to find family connections. His mother is/was Rodie Johnson-Smith and his father is/was Robert Lee Smith.

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