Benajah Peterson House, 1906, Douglas

douglas ga benajah peterson house sims funeral home photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

Built by Coffee County pioneer Benajah Peterson and later known as Stapleton’s Boarding House, this Victorian landmark now serves as Sims Funeral Home.

Downtown Douglas Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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8 responses to “Benajah Peterson House, 1906, Douglas

  1. Sandra Solomon McDonald

    Hello My Mother was a Merritt her name was Mildred Merritt Solomon….her Mother was Mary Peterson Merritt…Mary passed away when my Mother was a very young girl. My Mother passed in 2001. My Grandfather remarried and my Mother and her siblings were raised by my Step Grandmother known as Granny by myself, my brothers and cousins. I have always been curious about the Peterson side of our family. My Great Grandfather was Nick Peterson….I do remember him. My Mother is buried in the Lone Hill Cemetery…as are many Petersons and Merritts. Can someone please share family info? Thank you very much.

  2. Jean Bowlin

    Are any of Benajah relatives around

    • Heather Settle

      Yes indeed 🙂 My GG Grandaddy Joseph Peterson was Benajah’s brother, there were several homes on the family property which extended from the area of Sims Funeral home through what is now Touchton Woods. My GG Grands house was similar, a little older, and larger than this house but it burned in the 1880’s if I remember correctly. I grew up in the old “caretakers” house, we had the old tobacco barn, sheds, and packhouse on our property as well as the pecan orchard. It was where Dr. Dismukes office now sits near Coffee Regional Hospital. Our old house was moved out near General Coffee State Park. My Dad is Jimmy Kennedy, he still lives in Douglas, he has a huge painted portrait of my GG Grands that survived the fire. My GG Grandmother was Miriam Paulk Peterson. There are many descendents in the area still. Peterson, Paulk, Lott, Kennedy, Turner, Sears, Vickers, Gaskins, Merritt, McMillan, Harper, Tucker, Nobles, and Kirkland are some of the closest descendents still around.

      • Heather Settle

        The Benajah Peterson House (Sims Funeral Home) is also a good bit older than what it is dated at 1906. We have family history of it being built prior or during the civil war. The John Peterson house was the larger, on the plantation, it was located on what is now Chester Ave, it burned in 1889. Uncle Benajah had only one child Oliver Peterson who in his twenties was shot and killed at his home which sat where the old Coffee County Bank now sits on Peterson Ave. This ended Uncle Benajah’s direct line.

  3. Bill Hoover

    I’ve been here a few times for funerals.

  4. Fay Stapleton Burnett

    Does anyone know the name of the Stapleton that had a boarding house there? Or , are any family members still in the area? Thanks . Fay Stapleton Burnett, Winder, Ga.

  5. sck

    Benajah imported the trees in front of the home, which now houses Sims Funeral Home, from India. He also donated the land that South Georgia College now sits on, as well as the land for the city cemetery where he had planted beautiful Cedar trees which he imported from Lebanon.

  6. I think this is a long past relative.

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