First Presbyterian Church, 1910, Camilla

The church cornerstone dates the building to 1910, but the local historic marker dates it to 1900. I’m not sure the reason for the discrepancy.

Camilla Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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6 responses to “First Presbyterian Church, 1910, Camilla

  1. Mary Beth

    I remember going to Vacation bible school at this church with friends that attended there in the 80s

  2. I grew up going to that church. My father was a deacon, my mother taught vacation bible school. I sang in the makeshift choir. I even have a poem about it title First Prebyterian; it will be in my new book. Thanks for these photos. The downtown looks pretty dead in them, as it does a lot of the time when I go home.

    • I still have the copy of the article you sent me a few years ago from the Camilla newspaper when your father passed away. It was such a nice tribute…Can’t wait for the new book, and thanks for visiting my site, Kathy!

  3. Blake

    HI, I’ve stumbled across your site several times. I was happy to find a picture of the first Pres. church today! I grew up and was married in that church. The members have taken good care of the building. It is the oldest church downtown, outlasting (and looking better than) the Methodist and Baptist buildings in town. Thank you for documenting this fabulous old building.

  4. That sounds great, Patricia…would love to see them. Send them to wbrianbrownATgmailDOTcom. Thanks!

  5. Hi Brian,
    I have been documenting buildings of the south as I experience them since moving to Chattanooga 5 years ago. My medium is encaustic painting. I have a favorite row of churches about 3 blocks from where I live in Chattanooga that I would love to share with you. Can I send you an image?

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