Grave House, Double Run

wilcox county ga historic oklahoma baptist church grave house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

This is located in the Oklahoma Baptist Church cemetery.


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4 responses to “Grave House, Double Run

  1. Grave houses were used by the Muskogee Creek and other Native Americans in South Georgia and Oklahoma Indian Territory. I’ve read about them. Loved ones would take food provisions to the houses for a certain period of time. I believe the houses and food were in case the Spirit returned. I find them very interesting as I’m Muskogee Creek.

  2. Mac McGraw

    My Grandparents, Ames and Bessie Reid, are buried in this cemetery. My Mother told me that the grave was the grave of a little girl and that her toys were in the “attic”. There is another grave that has a stack of “fat liter” on it and legend is that the man that is buried there gathered this stack of fat liter his entire life and his wish was for the stack to be placed over his grave. Who knows if this is true or not?

    • Leon Calhoun

      I understand that he loved the fat liter knots and believed that future generations would not know what they were so he wanted them placed on his grave and for several years after he died they would place a few more on it. It had a pile about 30″ tall. But someone has taken some of them away and when a cedar tree near it was cut down limbs from the tree was placed on the grave. I spent many days working in the field in the background.and lived in front of the church. I helped did a grave in the cementery and the place we started digging was a grave with no marker. Local people would dig the grave for anyone that died. A person died and a group of men almost had the grave dug between the grave house and the road and a man drove up and said that was the spot where he was going to be buried. It was in the middle of summer and the ground there was like cement.They filled it in and dug in another spot. I might have asked him if he was ready to be buried.

  3. Barbara Calhoun Schmauzer

    What I remember being told as a child is that the person buried here wanted all his tools to be stored in the “attic” of this building; however, if they were placed there, they have long since been removed.

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