James Coleman House, 1904, Swainsboro

swainsboro ga james coleman house shadowlawn mortuary photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

One of South Georgia’s grandest Queen Annes, the Swainsboro home of state legislator and prominent local businessman James Coleman is best remembered by recent generations as Shadowlawn Mortuary. And with that comes much talk of it being haunted.

Today, it’s a bed and breakfast known as The Coleman House Inn. The restaurant located here is a favorite with locals and travelers alike.

National Register of Historic Places


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8 responses to “James Coleman House, 1904, Swainsboro

  1. Dr. Fay Stapleton Burnett

    We love to eat here and recommend to friends – I love seeing the old homes still intact…..

  2. Holly

    I stayed here in the late 1990s, for about a full week. I am convinced, I *did* see a ghost. I will never forget it. Here I am, two decades later, trying to find this place on line…because the experience is still just as vivid today.

  3. Greg Mueller

    i stayed there 2 nights seemed a little spooky but was not scared. Greg Mueller. food was good though

  4. Art Chance

    Same here, I’ll always think of it as the Shadowlawn Mortuary. Swainsboro once had a bunch of georgeous Victorians but most have been torn down or remuddled. One of the most beautiful was, IIRC a Spivey family home right off the Courthouse Square that was torn down and replaced with that nondescript commercial building that used to be, maybe still is a gas company. Also the old Hunnicut Mortuary on Green (?) Street was as striking Greek Revival home.

  5. Sassy

    I grew up in Swainsboro and still find it funny that I see the “Coleman” house listed on so many sites. When I was growing up it was not the “Coleman” house but rather the Shadowlawn Mortuary. My own father’s funeral was held there, not to mention many uncles and my grandmother. While it is a beautiful place, and the architecture is to be admired, you could no pay me to spend a night there. Too much ” a haunting in conneticutt” overtures for me!!

    • jennifer mixon

      I have had lunch there four times and always told my husband that ghosts were there. I feel like passing out upon entering. Today I found out it was a funeral home…I am going to do more research. I have never felt so strange before. I go there on business lunch and cannot eat because I get so light headed. So strange! Food is great if I felt good enough to finish.

      • Darlene hatchett

        I agree with the shadowlawn being haunted! As a child my grandmother lived right next door! We use to try to sneak over there and peek thru the windows. Never did see any thing. But litterly had nightmares at night from that place, also had several family members funerals there.

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