Stillmore School

 stillmore school emanuel county ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

In 1969 this became the home of David Emanuel Academy. It was destroyed by fire on 14 August 2010, just a few months after I photographed it.


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5 responses to “Stillmore School

  1. Stephanie

    i live right across the street from this school and i have seen many shadows along with everytime i walk to my car a light comes on in the front of the school. i always say its a motion light but if that was the case then it would come on for every car that rode by right? this is crazy i hear all kind of things at night. i will never stay home alone again by myself! lol

  2. angie01

    accually the whole thing was burned down and they tore it down but a few months ago i was sittin outside of this school cause i live across the street and i was on the phone and i happend to look over ther and i thought i seen a black shadow run across the street.

  3. I remember going the first and a few months of the second grade to this wonderful school. We moved from Emanuel County when I as only seven. I yearned to back on the farm until I was an adult. I still enjoy visiting at the age of sixty-two.

  4. Hannah

    Actually just the top floor was burned. It only took a week to remodel. Th students were out of school for a week and got to go back afterwards.

  5. Amy

    A few weeks ago, this building was struck by lightening and burned, so sad!

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