Bradley’s Store, New Era

new era ga bradleys store photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 20102010

I’m so grateful to Beverly Burk for identifying this store. She writes that it was owned and operated by Bryant Bradley until 1926 and by his son Berry A. Bradley until 1946.

new era ga bradleys grocery store photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 20162016


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7 responses to “Bradley’s Store, New Era

  1. Beverly Burk

    This store at New Era Era was owned and operated by Bryant Bradley until 1926 and by his son,Berry A. Bradley until 1946.


  2. Kyle Crew

    My great-great grandparent’s country store is right down the road from this. It was called Bradley country store. I don’t know if you went down Sam Bradley Road (my great great great grandfather) but here are a lot of old farmhouses around this area that would make interesting pictures.

  3. Jim Butler

    I have a picture of the Strange Drug sign circa late 1980’s.

    • mrsherwood

      Mr.Butler….the Strange Drugs in Dublin is exactly the one I was remembering. As memory serves me, it was situated in the old downtown area relatively close-by to the theater. I had taken a photo of it on my way down to Coffee Co in the late 1980’s but have lost it over the years. I posted the original question in this thread nearly four years ago asking if anyone had a photo of this drug store. Would you please share it with me? You have my word that I will not post it anywhere or attempt to take any credit for the image. Thanks if you would…detoxin(at)live(dot)com

  4. Nathan Franks

    My Uncle used to own Strange Drugs in Dublin, and my Grandmother worked there as well. This was when I was a kid, however, I’m pretty sure it’s been out of business for years. I believe it used to be located here:
    148 U.S. 441, Dublin, Georgia, United States

  5. Dan Fullerton

    I am actually asking a question and this “Reply Box” was the first opportunity that I could find on your site to contact you. I hope it gets to you. My question is if you have or have ever seen a picture of “STRANGE DRUGS”. It was owned by George Orley Strange and I believe it was in Springfield, GA. Any info you may have would be greatly appreciated.

    Also………FANTASTIC work!!!

    Dan Fullerton
    (New Subscriber)

    • beverly h

      I had a picture of a “Strange Drugs” in Dublin, GA, which I can’t seem to find at the moment. I’m not sure if it’s still there, but it’s not in Springfield, for sure. (I was also fascinated with the “Bank of Banks” in Banks county, North Georgia.)

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