Vernacular House, Camilla

camilla ga vernacular house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010


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5 responses to “Vernacular House, Camilla

  1. Nancy R. pArker

    My father owned Camilla Pharmacy on Broad St. It was the only 3 story building in Camilla. Had a wonderful view from the 3rd floor. I think a dress shop is where the drugstore was. Nancy Rivers Parker.

  2. Crystal Hawley

    This house belongs to my mother. It is only a few doors down from Twitty Feed & Seed. It is a wonderful house and I have many memories in it as my great grandmother lived there when I was a child.

  3. jp918026

    I love that you’ve documented some of the most beautiful buildings in Camilla. I was born and raised in Camilla, and have moved away for work in the interim, but have always intended to come back. I’m curious about the house and the name in the above photo. In all my years spent in Camilla, I’ve never seen this house or heard that name. But as for your other photos, all other buildings are still in use, esp. the street scene down south Scott Street. My father actually owns a few of those buildings and rents them out. One is a barber shop, one is a hunting shop. Twitty Feed and Seed is always hopping especially on Saturdays when people are out working in their yards. The other side of the street is always busy too, the town newspaper, and the Bistro , and a gift shop across the street stay quite busy. I’m surprised you didn’t capture the Baggs House or the Old Middle School on Harney St. Anyway, I guess I’m kind of confused by the title of your work, because none of what you captured is out of use except that house that I’m not sure of.

    • Vernacular is simply a “style” of architecture. As to the buildings being abandoned, I will change the tag information to reflect your information. When I was in Camilla last, they were redoing the sidewalks in that area and many of the places looked abandoned. I love Camilla and meant no harm in the description, but thanks so much for pointing this out!

    • Thanks. Vernacular just refers to a style of architecture. When I was in Camilla last they were tearing up the sidewalks and “improving” the area…I didn’t mean to imply that the whole area was abandoned…I love Camilla!

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