Town Terrace Motel, Tifton

town terrace motel tifton ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

This was originally known as Van Gundy’s Motor Court (sometimes called the Pink Motel). It was owned and operated by Violet Van Gundy, along with her children Virginia and Jack. Mrs. Van Gundy, who died in 2010, played “Baby Violet” on the “Our Gang” (“Little Rascals”) shows. Jackie Davis wrote via the Vanishing South Georgia Facebook page on 12 February 2014 that the sign has been removed and the swimming pool has been filled in. I hope that doesn’t mean the whole complex is in danger.



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15 responses to “Town Terrace Motel, Tifton

  1. Caroline

    The sign is still up. I drive by this place everyday.

  2. Miriam Smith

    So sad stayed there many times.

  3. Sharlene

    We lived there in 1981 for a week while our pipes were being fixed. They were both very nice people. I was a waitress in my early 20’s and late teens, they always came into the Golden Coral, sat at the same place. Always smiling and friendly. I loved to chat with them. The motel is now apartments.
    Great memories.

  4. Charles Hutton

    The pool was filled in, but the sign remains

  5. Steve

    Swam there often in the summer and often would cover the office checking in guests so they could go out and eat! They always were “snappy” dressers and always happy.

    • Kimberly Stewart

      As a teenager, I would also watch over the office while they ate, ran errands, in return they let me use the pool. broke my heart when pool was filled in. Great memories.

  6. carlton mcdonald

    I lived seven years with Vi and Jack, managed the motel, we would go out to eat just about every night, Vi loved to eat. Vi was the most tantalizing person I’ve ever know, her smile would light up any room-she was a very Christian lady, she was always helping someone-I was very fortunate to have known her. R.I.P.

  7. lora green

    Actually , Virginia the mother passed in 1974. The earliest bills I found were in 1938. Uncle Jack Aunt Violets brother passed six years ago. Aunt Violet sold the motel in July of 2008. She then moved to Maple Court. In April of 2010 I brought her to the motel as I promised to be by her side so she wouldn’t be alone. In July of 2010 she passed peacefully here a day before her last birthday. They all did a wonderful job owning the pink motel. They all rest in peace now. Our hearts are to see that the town terrace keeps it reputation that they have layed before us. Aunt Violet did play in Our Gang in the beginning days of it. Her mother became a Christian. Through that they came to Tifton for a tent revival in their young teens. They loved the Lord and stood for Him. I pray the legacy continues.

      • tim

        I often went swimming there and got to know VI and her brother well.. Very Nice people. She told me about living in Hollywood and how it wasn’t the same now as it was back then.. it was peaceful there and always enjoyed the music. .

  8. Butch Smith

    After graduating from college, I rented the cottage shown in the picture. It was right on the main street and was noisy sometimes. I remember the Van Gundys well but never knew that about Violet. Thanks for bringing back special memories.

  9. A.T.

    Miss Van Gundy died back in July. Here’s a link to her obituary in the Tifton Gazette. Jack died years ago, according to a friend of mine who worked for them.

  10. Georgia White

    It was her brother that pass this year and she sold the motel this year. FYI..Thanks for the lovely old pictures.

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