Log Tobacco Barn, Tattnall County

tattnall county ga log tobacco barn photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2011

This is one of the best preserved log tobacco barns I’ve seen. Like several examples I’ve found in this area, it’s a bit shorter than average.

tattnall county ga tobacco barn photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2011


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7 responses to “Log Tobacco Barn, Tattnall County

  1. Bert

    Jessee from previous comment knows what he is talking about. No “book learning” from his comments

  2. Jesse Bookhardt

    Brian, this is a tobacco barn….no doubt. It may be small or appear small, yet it has all the other characteristics of a tobacco barn. I used to “hang” barns just like it back in the 1950’s. The furnace on the end indicates that it was originally a wood stoked barn. It has a shelter on the right which was typical of barns and was where the stringers stood in front of benches that held tobacco leave. From the benches stringers strung the tobacco to 54″ sticks, making them ready to be hung on the tiers in the barn. The pictured barn has the small window at the top that allowed ventilation and observation of how the tobacco was cooking(curing). The window would have had an accompanying long ladder so the farmer could climb. Since this barn was built of skinned logs and had a wood burning furnace, it is definitely an old one. Most barns of this nature were built prior to the late 1940’s when barns were converted to kerosene or L/P gas curing systems. Typical tobacco barns in South Georgia measured 16′ X 16′ but some varied. My grandfather Joe Walker had one that had five rooms and was 16′ X 20′.

  3. janella murphy

    this actually looks like an old smokehouse for smoking hams and bacon. it may be the camera angle but it looks to small to be a tobacco barn.

  4. JoAnn Brown West

    This is a great pic ! Amazing!

  5. martin

    Well built with a lot of really nice detail. This this tobacco farmer knew exactly what he wanted.

  6. Watson Brown

    That really is a great and old one with its fireplace still at one end! Great find, Brian!

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