Neoclassical Revival House, Hazlehurst

hazlehurst ga neoclassical revival house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2011


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18 responses to “Neoclassical Revival House, Hazlehurst

  1. Mattie CARROLL larson

    Do you know who actually built this house?

  2. phillip

    hello all…..this house is in my family and if you have any questions about it shoot me a email @

  3. Terri

    My Mom’s family is from the Bridgeford area of Hazelhurst…. (Brantleys) I have been to “Grandma’s” or other family memebers so many times in my life I can’t begin to count… but I have never seen this house!!! Is it actually downtown????

  4. Tina Clay

    John, this isn’t the one that was made into a hotel. You are thinking of the Big House. That never panned out. That building is now owned by the city and is used for public events. It is on Hyw 341.

    • John Clark

      Thanks for the info. It’s been so long, and so far away that my memory is sometimes creative (faulty). John

      • Actually, the Big House is owned by Jeff Davis County and is maintained by the Jeff Davis Board of Tourism. The Board of Tourism has its office there and some updates to the inside should be made soon. It is still a beautiful building and it is rented for weddings, reunions, parties, etc. Contact the Board of Tourism for more information.

  5. Tina Clay

    It’s still empty at this time this house is on the one way near the courthouse in Hazlehurst. No one has worked on it in some time. I would love to see it restored.

  6. JR

    Has the house been sold at all? Still standing?

  7. John Clark

    There are two homes that I keep confusing. If this is the one made into a motel a few years back, it was built for Minnie Lee Wilcox Sweat, bride of Frank L. Sweat, owner of the G&F RR (or predecessor) not long after the War of Northern Agression. He was killed in a RR accident by being at the crossing at the same time as the engine. Engine won. She was the sister of my great- grandmother, Rebecca Bell Wilcox Hall Davis, widow of Dr. M. M. Hall, of Coffee County, parents of Dr. Frank Hall, and Dr. John Hall of Hazlehurst and, and my grandmother, Minnie May Hall Griffin. My mother, Minnie Bell Griffin Clark was named for Mrs. Sweat, and my grandmother. I inherited some of the antiques from that home, and now have them in safe keeping for future generations. Many stories about this prominent family. Proud of my heritage. Griffins had Doctors, too. Migrated to Valdosta area. John Clark Jonesboro, GA

  8. Jillian

    I want that house so bad… I would fix it up I’d pay my whole life away just for that house. It’s everything I ever wanted.

  9. That looks like a 1900’s greek revival – do you know how old it is?

  10. Betty Courson

    does anyone live there?

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