Commercial Storefronts, Hahira

hahira ga commercial storefronts photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2011


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6 responses to “Commercial Storefronts, Hahira

  1. We are looking for information on the 3 story bld. It was built in 1911 we don’t have information what is was used for? One would think a building like that would have been a big deal in 1911, but so little information ? from 1911 till 1940?

  2. Mary Robinson

    One new thriving, actually, it is better described as idiot proof building is the gym. Next to the boarded up building. For about $30.09 a month you get a key and 24 access to weights, treadmill and a stationary bike or two.

  3. tom lavender

    In 1957, I worked at Taylor’s Grocery the corner building. if my memory serves me right next to it was Choen’s dry goods. One of the upstairs offices was a Doctors office. Behind it, you can see part of the Farmer’s tobbaco warehouse.

  4. Mike Wilson

    My wife and I are going on a ramble from Macon to Folkston in a couple of weeks. Is there a way you can contact me and answer a few questions I have? Your help would be invaluable.



    • Mike, please accept my apologies for not sending you some sort of itinerary. I wasn’t exactly sure where to point you, but it seems you and your wife had a nice journey anyway. Glad you got away for awhile!

      • Mike Wilson

        We put the GPS on “avoid highways” and spent two days (!) going from Macon to Folkston. Most relaxing thing I’ve done in years. There are some truly beautiful places (Milledgeville) and warm folks out in the rural South.

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