Ruins of Steam-Powered Rice Mill, Butler Island Plantation

Standing like a beacon along the famed Coastal Highway (US 17), this chimney is all that remains of a steam-powered rice mill operated in the 1850s by Captain Pierce Butler. In Antebellum Georgia, rice plantations were the backbone of coastal agriculture, buttressed by a large slave population, but the  coming of the Civil War and its ensuing changes helped end this era in Georgia history.


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4 responses to “Ruins of Steam-Powered Rice Mill, Butler Island Plantation

  1. Diane

    We visit coastal GA frequently and have seen many of the places you’ve photographed. Thank you for helping to promote public awareness of these historical places. We can only hope that the awareness will help in their preservation.


  2. Tom Robinson

    What an education you’ve shared with us – who should have remembered such – about one of our earlier agricultural offerings, on the coast. It certainly stands to reason that such can be more easily worked – and profit made – with little labor cost, but interesting that it so-vanished following the war.

  3. ML

    Thanks so much for sharing your pics with us, Brian. I’m a native Georgian (Thomasville) who has lived out of state for the past 11 years, but am about to move to North FL, and I love each and every photo I get in my email from you. You are such a talented photographer. You capture the essence and appeal of each place you visit. You’re work is very much appreciated. I love Georgia! Oh auntie Em, there’s no place like home, and home is for me is Southwest GA. Thanks again, Brian.

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