Vallotton’s Dairy, Valdosta

valdosta ga vallottons dairy farm photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2011

This landmark on Bemiss Road remains, but more of the letters have fallen off the sign as of 2016. The property was originally known as the Biles Farm, beginning in the 1880s, and was purchased by the Vallotton family in the 1940s to accommodate their growing dairy operation. The original Biles farmhouse was occupied by the dairy foreman for many years. This barn was built in the 1940s, as I understand it, and the dairy was in operation until 1990. Hugh Vallotton, son of dairy founder Joseph Edward Vallotton, managed the farm until his death in 1979 and his nephew, Robert Vallotton, took over and remained at the helm until retiring in 1990.



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6 responses to “Vallotton’s Dairy, Valdosta

  1. Jim McNab

    While going through Undergraduate Pilot Training at nearby Moody AFB In 1974, we had to be familiar with landmarks on the ground in order to safely navigate around the Moody area. The big, white Vallotton’s Dairy barn was a prominent and easily identifiable sight from our T-37 jet trainers. It was the southern entry point for the Moody landing pattern. Your photo brought back many good memories.

  2. Genie Krivanek

    How can I get a copy of this picture? I’d LOVE to have one!!!!!

  3. What is the crop growing in the foreground of the building” Don’t recognize it. Love the lettering on the old dairy building…

  4. That’s neat…when I was growing up in suburbs of Dayton, Ohio in the early 60’s we had milk delivery to our home…I thought we had bread delivery also, but my 83-year old father said he didn’t think so. Could be I am confused from my dad’s father’s stories from when he worked for a bakery in Dayton delivering bread driving a horse-drawn vehicle…wonder if that was done in the South? It wasn’t just bread either: dinner and sweet rolls, cakes, etc. Pretty neat.

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