Ambrose Elementary School, Coffee County

ambrose elementary school coffee county ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2011

This is the old school. The new one is just down the road. I believe this is a WPA-built school, from the 1930s, but I can’t confirm that. The community hopes to restore it in the future.

ambrose ga old elementary school photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2011


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14 responses to “Ambrose Elementary School, Coffee County

  1. Karen Smith

    I went to school here from 1970-1974

  2. Dianne Harper Moore

    What a great elementary school Ambrose has always been. I went 1st thru 8th. I am so glad it still stands great memories and education.

  3. Barbara Joinet

    I taught there in 1981-1982. Walked the halls a many a day.., loved it there. Mr. Ray Kight was Principal

  4. Bernadette Evans

    1929 I think is the establishment date. I was a student here in 1966, started my teaching career here in 1986, then became principal here in 1997 for ten years. I still live in this community. There may still be a plaque with the date on the left end of the main building


    I have MANY FOND MEMORIES of this old school …I moved from AMBROSE after my Daddy. JESSE JOSEPH ACORN SR was killed by a bull in 1957”…..the last grade I attended there was the 5th grade…still feel very attached to AMBROSE and AL

  6. Trey

    I went to that school 5th and 6th grade in the 90’s.

  7. Terri

    My father was born in Ambrose and went to school at Ambrose Elementary.
    If anyone is interested there is a history center in Ambrose next to the Ambrose City Hall building located on Vickers Crossing.

  8. my father in law went to school there he was born in the late 30’s. My son went to school there 2000-2001 school year. The new school opened the next year.

  9. Diane

    I don’t know if this is the school they were using in the early 50’s when I was in 1st grade there. My oldest sister taught school there for a while. Our grandfather, M. J. Ferguson donated the land for the original school and was head of the Board of Education. Love the pictures. Please take more of the old houses and New Hope Baptist Church cementary. There were some very unusual and unique sayings on some of the tombstones. Is the Sadie Butler farm still there? She collected old bottles and made a fence out of them. She was a very nice lady and very interesting.
    Diane Ferguson Roaberts

  10. Denise

    City of Ambrose just acquired this property in hopes to save the old school. Plans are to place the history center there. Thanks for the pictures. Next time you are in the area stop by the hardware store and they can tell you who can let you in the school.

  11. Incredible shot. Stumbled onto your site by accident, but I’ll be back on purpose.

  12. A handsome building.

  13. phil

    Looks like it’s still usable !

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