Pine Level Methodist Church, Circa 1955, Ben Hill County

Here’s one from my personal collection. I recently acquired this image of my father’s church, as it looked in the mid-1950s. What I’m most amazed by is all the ladies in their hats. Pine Level was constituted in 1889, and though it’s been bricked in, it’s still in its same location. The lady third from left, facing left, with the black hat and shawl, is my great-grandmother, Mattie Leila Doggett Brown (1876 – 1977), who lived to be nearly 101.


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13 responses to “Pine Level Methodist Church, Circa 1955, Ben Hill County

  1. Hi. Is this the pinelevel umc on moores chapel road in taylor county georgia? If so, our ministry just purchased it and we need photos we can restore it to its original condition. Thanks

  2. Lisa McCall Zurick

    I called my mom and had her look at your website and this picture. She confirmed that it is indeed her to the right above and to the left of your great grand mother. She has on the white dress w/dark collar and hat. She wasn’t sure if that was her sister Karen behind her, but she is going to show the picture to her. She also said she thinks my Great Grandmother Mrytle Swanson is the lady to the right of your Great Grandmother talking to another lady! This is so cool! If you have any other older photos of people around Fitzgerald, I think it would be wonderful to see them! Thanks Brian for posting this photo!

  3. John Mike

    I think that is my mom, Shirley Swanson McCall Malcolm, right above and to the left of your great grand mother. She is also facing left and then right behind her on the right side I would almost swear that is my aunt Karen Swanson Luke coming down the steps.

  4. Lisa McCall Zurick

    I too grew up in Fitzgerald and attended this church until around 1999. I want to show this to my mother. She would have been in her 20’s and I could swear I see her in this picture. How neat would it be if it is her!

  5. Love the picture. I was in my preteens back then and I had a couple little hats. My mother always told me I looked like Queen Elizabeth when I wore mine. haha

  6. I love seeing these pictures. I am the archivist for the United Methodist Church and I print these out to put in their church histories. We get research requests from all over the U.S. and it’s great when we can share these wonderful old churches.

  7. Patti Glisson, RN

    Thanks for this great photo. I enjoy looking at the various lady’s fashions. The expression on your great-grandmother’s face is priceless! She’s truly listening to someone! I hope whomever inherited that shawl knows how cool it is!

  8. Tom Robinson

    I’ll be sharing this shot, Brian, as we still know quite a few people who are members there; we were, too, from the early-to-mid 80’s. We have wonderful memories from the friendships, fellowships and Christian charisma that glowed, so-brightly, from that period.

  9. I grew up Southern Baptist and I remember that no “proper” lady would go church on Sunday without a hat and often, gloves. It is still common in Black churches to find ladies dressed up for services.

    Last year, my mother finally got rid of her fox stoll which hadn’t been worn in over 40 years.

  10. Love this picture, Brian! There’s something very lovely and southern about ladies wearing dresses and hats… and flowers. Thanks for posting!

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