John Cunningham, Loyalist

Old City Cemetery, Darien

1766? – 22 June 1805

John Cunningham was the son of General Robert Cunningham. General Cunningham was a loyalist who was exiled to Nassau, on New Providence Island in the Bahamas, and granted valuable land there by the Crown. Except for one other broken headstone in this remnant burying ground, the tombs of John and his sister Margaret are all that remain of the Old City Cemetery, which was in use from 1736 -1806. Their death dates are close enough that I presume they must have become ill while at Darien. I do not know of other connections they had to the town, and would welcome any information.


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3 responses to “John Cunningham, Loyalist

  1. Vera Chase

    I live in Nassau, Bahamas, I am a Writer, and I have been researching this Cunningham Family who relocated to the Bahamas after the American War of Independence for many years. Mr. Cunningham and his family arrived in Nassau with other Loyalists in 1783. He became very famous in Bahamian Society. I can tell you more. I was actually trying to find the relatives of Brigadier General Robert Cunningham who died in Nassau in 1813

    • Anthony Louis Cunningham

      Hi I, am a relative of john Cunningham at your request i can present
      any information to my connection to john Cunningham he is my Grant , Gt ,Gt GT , Gt , Gt , GT ,Grand Father

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