Knighton’s Store, Hilton

hilton ga knightons store photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2011

According to his descendants, this was Oscar Franklin Knighton’s store.


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7 responses to “Knighton’s Store, Hilton

  1. Cindy

    Love these pics. That was my granddaddy ‘s store in Hilton! My brother had the side painted several years ago for his travel park which is right down the road.

  2. Joy

    That was the old Knighton store. I grew up near there.

  3. Marianna Watson

    This was my grandaddy Oscar Franklin Knighton’s store. My mother and her siblings still own the land.

  4. Sharon Wiley H.

    Intriguing. Have not visited there, but I plan to soon. My father’s family (Wiley) was from Early County. Most are buried at Sowhatchee Baptist Church.

  5. Joan Herndon

    wonderful remembrances..joan

  6. phil

    A brave sentinel of yesteryear Hilton .

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