Shingler Building, Ashburn


The Shingler Building, constructed in the first decade of the 20th century, is the two-story brick commercial block on the right. It’s one of the nicest such structures in Ashburn.

Ashburn Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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7 responses to “Shingler Building, Ashburn

  1. David M Baldwin

    The building you see on the corner was built in 1914 and the others back down to Mitchell Stewart Hardware building were built in 1914 or between there and 1912. My grandfather, Donald McRackan Baldwin, Sr. had a grocery store in the first store west of the corner and he called it Kash and Karry. In the first store from Mitchell-Stewarts, Lee Morrison, Sr. had his first grocery store. Across College street, on the corner, JS Shingler, Sr. built the Turner County Bank. The building has a vault in the back. It was built in 1912 and the bank was owned by J.S. Shinger, Sr. and John Lampkin Evans, the son of town founder, John West Evans. The building on the far end was built in 1906 and it was originally the JS Shingler Building, however, his son in law was the next owner and the name changed to the McKenzie Building for Dr. GC McKenzie. Dr. McKenzie made farm operating and long term land loans.

  2. Brian, the corrugated windows in this building have been replaced. They were given to a local collector. Daddy said they weighed at least 150 pounds each.

  3. Jay Faircloth

    The downstairs used to be the Johnson Ins Agency. Down the street was Mitchell-Stewart Hardware. When I was 5 or 6 I carried boiled peanuts in a basket and went door to door selling small bags for a nickel and large bags for a dime.

  4. Lovely! This is my parent’s building. It has three apartments in the top level and three businesses on the bottom.

  5. phil

    Nicely composed !

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