Stewart County Courthouse, 1923, Lumpkin


T. F. Lockwood, Jr.’s design for the fifth courthouse to be built in Stewart County, is one of his nicest designs, in my opinion.


The cornucopias on the pediment and the sunflower medallions on the frieze are artistic decorations likely unique among Georgia courthouses.


National Register of Historic Places


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8 responses to “Stewart County Courthouse, 1923, Lumpkin

  1. Elizabeth

    I think this building is beautiful. I love that the front is dirt and not pavement or concrete. As someone indicated, it looks more natural.

  2. I have a picture of myself and twin brother standing in front of the court house with my Grand Father J. W. Richardson when I was probably 3 or 4 years old. I am now 63.

  3. Nancy Holland

    The dirt in front of the courthouse (instead of pavement) makes it look like the picture was made decades ago!

  4. Roberts

    My father was the one to start the push for rebuilding that courthouse, with getting funds and whatnot. I’ll try to find out more, I was quite young when this was occurring.

  5. Katie Howard

    The county has received a Transportation Enhancement Grant and will be using it to rehabilitate the Bedingfield Inn. It is a long, slow process to use TE grants but it will happen.

  6. phil

    I hope they make it ! A grand old building .

    • I think they’ve been working on it a while, but it will be well worth it. I’m more worried about the fate of the Bedingfield Inn. It seemed to be in increasing disrepair…the architect of the courthouse also designed the Dorminy-Massee house in Fitzgerald, as well as several other landmarks around South Georgia. Lockwood was from Columbus, I believe.

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