Kicklighter General Store, Tattnall County


When I photographed this store on Hencart Road it was in its last days (2011), but I could imagine it in its day, busy with farmers from the nearby Beard’s Creek Primitive Baptist Church community.


Thanks to Frank Kicklighter for the identification. His ancestors, Asberry Woods Kicklighter (1881-1944) and Rhetta Bacon Kicklighter (1888-1970) owned and operated this store. Sadly, it was torn down in 2013.


L-R: Buster Smith, Jenice Smith, Robert Collins, Jerry A Kicklighter, Shirley Ann Smith, Bobby C Kicklighter, Neil Smith, Asbery Kicklighter, Retta Kicklighter, Carlton Kicklighter.  Asberry & Retta Kicklighter were the owners.

I was honored when Bobby C. Kicklighter, whose grandfather owned this store,  shared these vintage photographs, circa 1937. They’re a rare and candid glimpse into another time. It’s hard to pick a favorite. I like the top image because it shows more of the store, and the owners, but the one below of the kids is great, too. I’ll have to settle for liking them both.


LR: Robert Collins, Shirley Ann Smith, Jerry A Kicklighter, Bobby C Kicklighter, Neil Smith

Both vintage photographs are Courtesy of  Bobby C. Kicklighter


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14 responses to “Kicklighter General Store, Tattnall County

  1. Dennis Williams

    I had a cousin, Laymon Odean Williams that was married to Elizabeth Nell Kicklighter in May of 1948 in Tattnall Co. They lived in Blackshear for a number of years. Just about all of my father’s side came from Tattnall co.

  2. Greg Hughes

    The Store has been torn down. It is no longer there.

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  4. Bobby C Kicklighter

    This is granddaddy Kicklighter’s store. I have pictures of the store with several of us sitting on the steps and some standing. Pictures were made around 1937. I have many memories of the good times we all had back then.

    • Frank Kicklighter

      Hello Bobby,

      If you don’t mind, I would like to have a copy of a 1930s picture of your grandfather’s old store. Do you have one showing the sign over the front door?

      In return, I’ll send you a copy of the tax valuation of Tattnall County businesses (ca 1928) which includes “A.W. Kicklighter’s” General Store with a financial strength of “$5000 to $10000” and a “fair” credit rating.

      Let me know if you are interested. My personal email is

      With best regards,


  5. :Louise G Dasher

    This was my grandfathers store. So sad to see it being torn down. Louise Griner Dasher

    • I don’t know if it’s actually being torn down or if some of it has been taken off and it’s just been left like this. Either way, I agree. It’s sad to see all these old country stores disappearing.

  6. Gayle Anderson

    My father grew up in this area. He and his family are all buried in Beards Creek Church cemetery. He told me many times that he had his first candy bar and coke from this store. I gave him a picture of the store. a glass bottle coke and baby Ruth once for his birthday. I still have the picture.

  7. Frank Kicklighter

    This general store belonged to Asberry Woods Kicklighter (1881-1944) and his wife, Rhetta Bacon Kicklighter (1888-1970). They lived across the street on land previously occupied by his paternal grandparents, Henry Kicklighter (1824-1900) and Mary Ann (Polly) Moody Kicklighter (1825-1894).

    • Greg Hughes

      My wife’s family lived in the Kicklighter house when she was a child. She lived there till she was six years old. Her parents are M. D. and Lois Bacon.
      Rhetta Bacon Kicklighter is my wife’s Great Aunt.

      • larry harvey

        My Grandparents are buried at Beards creek,
        Sipple Harvey And Gussy Harvey. MY Aunts name was Betty Bacon, she lived in the area all her life.

  8. luthobu

    Great contrasts.. the barred door, the open windows and the missing wall.. time speaks for itself.

  9. This store has been there as long as I can remember, but I can’t remember it being occupied by anyone. From similar evidence along this end of Hencart Road, and the occupancy of nearby Beard’s Creek Cemetery, there is much that has vanished from this corner of South Georgia.

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