Primitive Well, Tattnall County



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3 responses to “Primitive Well, Tattnall County

  1. Barbara Scott

    A friend and I were talking the other day about the amount of courage it took to look down the old well. I don’t know what we expected to see.
    Barbara Scott

    • Jesse Bookhardt

      Barbara, You are right. I remember the same feeling. I guess that when approaching a well as kids, we feared the imagined danger of the sides caving and us falling into the depths. It propably has to do with the same response some humans have to heights. For me, drinking water from an open well brings on some anxiety. Once we had a small well at the edge of our porch. It had a pot lid over it. One day we were drinking ice tea and discovered hair in the ice. An examination of the well revealed a dead cat had jumped up to rest on the pot lid that was some how left off. Since then ice tea and open wells have had a special meaning for me.

      • Jesse Bookhardt

        Well, I guess the cat wasn’t dead before he jumped into the well but he sure was by the time we drank the tea….I get it right sooner or later.
        Jesse Bookhardt

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