Vernacular Farmhouse & Kitchen, Manningtown


Thanks to Joey Peacock for access to these great structures.


It’s quite rare to find a small house like this and its detached kitchen, both intact and unaltered.




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3 responses to “Vernacular Farmhouse & Kitchen, Manningtown

  1. Great Photo, Like Charles I too was brought up in this type of house. And it still stands til this day, Towns GA. Telfair County, house and property now belongs to my Cousin, I remember my Dad would be up early and would build A fire in the old wood stove and Mother would be along shortly to cook. I guess if you burned down the kitchen the house would still stand!

  2. Jane Rutherford

    Can anyone take pics of these old dwellings? I noticed you thanked someone for allowing you access. I would love to see them in person. It’s so rare that you find this type home
    these days.

  3. Charles Hutcheson

    INcredible pic, was raised in dwelling very similar, brings back lots of memories, intensley interested in photographing old structures and shareing , if you have more please let me know

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