Pedestrian, Lumber City



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8 responses to “Pedestrian, Lumber City

  1. Tonya

    My dad is from Lumber City, GA; I really enjoyed looking at your photos!

  2. John Wayne McRae

    I can meet you at China Hill. i live in Jacksonville , Florida, But WILL l be there any time needed. Please let me know ,
    Thanks,John Wayne McRae.

  3. Having just found your blog, I am enjoying reading about the places you write about.

  4. Linda Adams

    wonderful Photo Brian – just right!

    • John Wayne Mcrae

      Hi Brian,
      If you make it to China Hill, on 117 west of Jacksonville.. Turn South on the dirt road just a few feet east of Bethel Methodist Church. Keep to your right until you see the first house, two story on your right, Just the other side of the yard at this house turn right down the driveway and continue until you see old McKinnon Cemeteyr on your right. I’ve been the caretaker for 15 years and am trying to get this cemetery into public knowledge. Some of the area poineers are buired there. Judge Duncan McRae, Catharine Mcrae his Mother a widow of Christopher , a Revolutionary War veteren.. A Georgia State Senator from the 1820’s, Norman McRae, area surveyor form the early 1800’s, Charles McKinnon. Willams, Cotters’, Mizells,, and others.
      Thanks for your time ,
      John Wayne McRae.
      If you want, contact me at

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