Saturday’s Store, Colquitt County


Located near Pleasant Grove Primitive Baptist Church, this old store was once “out in the country”; Moultrie’s growth over the years, however, places it just on the edge of town today.  Brian Saturday confirms that it was owned by his great-grandparents V. L. and Junie K. Saturday.

As of mid-2017, this structure has been razed.


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8 responses to “Saturday’s Store, Colquitt County

  1. My grand mother ran Smiths grocery across the road which became Willis grocery when she sold it. Now all that remains is a dirt lot that semi trucks use for parking. The condition of this building
    i am afraid it won’t be long before it suffers the same fate unless someone restores it.

  2. Brian Saturday

    Yes, this is my Great-Grandfather’s and Great-Grandmother’s store. His name was V.L. Saturday and her name was Junie K. Saturday.

  3. Francine

    I just love old buildings. They have so much character and I wonder what would they say if the walls could talk.

  4. Shirley McCranie Lindsey

    I’m pretty sure this was “Saturday’s” store. Saturday was the name of the people who owned it. It faces the Adel, Moultrie Highway. The paved road just visible running along side the store leads to Cool Springs.

  5. Carmelina

    what road is this on?

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